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We are a group of shooting and gun enthusiasts based in Lampasas, Texas who believe in the tradition of our founding fathers. In keeping with the Second Amendment, we exercise our right to defend ourselves and our families. Through the years we have purchased several holsters, from several different sources, but none fully met our expectations. They were either too bulky and not comfortable or concealable or, in some instances, scratched our firearm.This drove us to take seriously the adage: If you want a job done well, do it yourself!


Now, we have become the holster manufacturers. We've created holsters that we, and you, have been searching for. We strive to make the most comfortable concealed carry holsters. We aim to make concealed carry accessories that we look for when searching for the best holster. Our holsters are comfortable and their minimal design allows for easy concealment. We hand craft each holster that we make; therefore, no two holsters are identical. Each holster is, in essence, custom made.

Our commitment to quality is not a slogan to political correctness. By the very nature of what we make, We Are Not Politically Correct. We make a reasonably priced holster that is easy to wear; protecting yourself and your family, at all times and at any event...  including Sunday Church.

We welcome feedback from our customers, we don't claim to know everything about holsters and people's preferences. Since starting this business, our customers have made suggestions and we have listened. Here are some changes that have been made in response to those suggestions:

         Replace Drop Clips on IWB holsters with RCS Tuckable Struts

         Offer Soft Loops on IWB holsters

         Replace conventional closed loops on OWB holsters with Closed Wing Loops

         Offer a beefed up closed loop option for OWB holsters

         Offer claws for IWB holsters

         Offer Double mag carriers for most popular models




So, thanks for visiting our website and checking out our products. We know what goes through people's minds when they consider buying something from an unrecognized source. I've done it myself and have not been very happy with the outcome. I've also bought holsters from the big-boys and came to regret that decision also. That's why we started making our own holsters. None of our products are mass produced, they are all hand made. We designed our holsters for safety and comfort. We stand behind every holster that we make. If you don't like it, you get your money back. Thanks again for considering us.

For Retention Adjustment on our fixed retention holsters, check out our video. At the top of our Home Page, select the tab titled "Videos". Click on the retention video.
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